Much of Rae's work centres on the climate crisis, responding through nature poetry and eco poetry.

Moving Beyond COP - poetry of hopeful rebellion

Rae was invited to read in English and Welsh at the Moving Beyond climate change conference at Fforest, Ceredigion, in October 2022. She read a dying bee poem from her collection, The language of bees, as well as a brand new bilingual work about the conservation of the red kite in Wales.

The red kite is a wonderful emblem of hope against all odds, because it came so close to extinction, but survived. (Perhaps this is why it is often used as a symbol of the Welsh language too.)

Once as common a scavenger in British towns and cities as the crow and magpie, the kite came to be seen as vermin and fair game for persecution. In rural areas it was blamed for taking young lambs from farms, and so began a relentless campaign to reduce its numbers.

So successful was this persecution that by the late nineteenth century the red kite was extinct in England and Scotland, and only a handful of breeding pairs remained in remote areas of Wales. Its rarity then saw it targeted by egg collectors and taxidermists, pushing the species to the brink.